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The beautiful country of Lebanon is located in the East Mediterranean and borders with Syria and Israel. It has a very rich culture and heritage and is one of the most visited regions in the Middle East. Lebanon has many tourist attractions that leave one simply awestruck. House of the modern and ancient architecture and sites, this place is worth a visit.

The former “Paris of Middle East”, Beirut is a must visit place in this beautiful country. Located along the Mediterranean coastline, the capital city of Lebanon thrives with life and excitement. Its famous National Museum offers a spectacular insight into the country’s history. Beirut is famous for its cafes and restaurants that serve delicious Lebanese cuisine and its vibrant nightlife.

If you want to have a peek at the Roman remains that are in this country, then you must visit the temple complex of Baalbek. It is basically the ruins of once a great temple which are preserved at their best in the world. This monument is a true depiction of the mighty Roman Empire and while you are in this complex, you can also have the benefit of viewing the Jupiter Temple and the Temple of Venus as well, both of which are splendid monuments of the Roman era.

The Castle of Sea is also a great attraction in Lebanon for tourists. Located in the ancient city of Sidouna, it is basically the ruins of the fortress church built by the Crusading Knights of St. John. Close to it lays the Shell Castle of St. Louis or the Land Castle which is also a great monument from its time. Lebanon is famous for its wineries and is prized for its Bekka Valley wines. This region lies between the mountains and the Mediterranean and produces unique wines that are famous for their Levant spirit.So if you ever decide to travel with our agency all you have to do is call or stop by today!