Travel agencies in denver co :The mesmerizing country of France, home to the finest wines, the great cheese, Gallic humor and a great history, is one of the most visited countries in the world. The French maybe called racists but they have a very genuine reason to be like that; they own one of the finest places that have ever existed on the face of this planet. A trip to France can be an overwhelming experience for many as the country is full of sites and places that one has to see; otherwise he might miss out a big chunk of the greatest architectures built in the world. The home to the world-renowned artists and painters, France has a large number of locations that are worth a visit.

All of us are familiar with the name of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, and when Paris comes in one’s mind, the next thing to pop up is the Eifel Tower. Known as the modern wonder of the world, this tower not only itself is an amazing feat of architecture, but it also gives a breathtaking view of Paris, especially at nighttime. When one is in Paris, they must visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is a beautiful piece of Gothic architecture and is a great historical icon, which was made famous by Victor Hugo.

Paris is also home to one of the best art galleries and one must visit the astounding Louvre, a spell binding art gallery that houses the art of all the famous painters from around the world with its specialty being the painting of the lady with the secretive smile; Mona Lisa.

The Palace of Versailles was once the home of the Kings and Queens of France until La Guillotine beheaded them. The Palace is a mesmerizing site and houses a splendid Hall of Mirrors, magnificent gardens and fountains.

France is famous for its beaches and they are a must visit; otherwise you might deprive yourself from one of the most compelling shores on this planet. Monaco and Cannes or the French Riviera is the favorite beach destination of the tourists and celebrities. With its most exotic beaches and its luxurious hotels, this area is the best choice for spending your honeymoon. It has the best dining and shopping attractions that are not found anywhere else in the world. What’s more is that you might have a chance to attend the star studded Cannes Film Festival while you are here.

France is full of places that simple leave you spellbound. Some of them are Bayeux and Normandy Beaches, Rocamadour in Occitan, Lourdes in Haute-Pyrenees, the City of Lyon, and Besancon. You can visit all these places with the best flight schedules, the top hotel and stay packages with Royal Wings Travel. We offer you access to the best summer France tour with our special feature Denver to France return trips. Opt for our services and make your vacations in France the best time of your life. If you ever decide to travel to France don’t forget to contact our travel agencies in denver co
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