Travel with Us From Denver to Casablanca .The famous city of Casablanca is located in Western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s chief port, this city is the home to the Royal Moroccan Navy. Not only it is the chief port, it is also one of the largest artificial ports in the world. This city is one of the major tourist attractions in Morocco as it is a blend of historic and modern architecture and it gives the tourists’ eyes a treat on its every site.

The city of Casablanca offers a wide range of places that interest the tourists from all over the world and with Royal Wings Travel offering super and highly economical summer Casablanca tours, the fun of visiting this awe inspiring location has been doubled. Royal Wings Travel provides the best Denver to Casablanca return trips and makes your tour an amazing one as we plan everything in order to provide you with the best trip of your life. We take responsibility of each aspect of your Denver to Casablanca return trips and make it the best time of your life.

Travel with us to Casablanca and see the most exotic sites and tourist resorts. Starting with the King Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world was designed by French architect Michel Pinseau. The most beautiful features of this mosque are its tallest minarets in the world and the fact that almost half of this mosque lies on the Atlantic Ocean, which one can view through the gigantic glass floor. The Mohammed V Palace is also a great centerpiece of French architecture with awesome and grand gardens and fountains.

Ancienne Medina is a remarkable place to visit in Casablanca with extremely impressive 18th century architecture.  It is very Moroccan in style and taste and has amazing bazaars to shop traditional Moroccan items. The Quartier Habous is an idealized version of traditional Medina with neat little rows of streets and shop stalls.

The places which throng with tourists in Casablanca are its exotic beaches and beach clubs. The suburb of Ain Daib runs along the Atlantic Ocean and is the home to one of the finest beaches in Africa. There is a large number of beach clubs in this area too, that allow a large number of gaming facilities and beach huts as well. Another one of a kind attraction is Casablanca is its Jewish Museum, which is the only one in the Muslim world. It takes us back into time of the once thriving Jewish community and has a wide collection of documents, traditional clothing, ceremonial items and photographs. The other major tourist spots in Casablanca include Cathederale du Sacre Coeur, the Twin Centre of Casablanca, Mahakma du Pasha, Villa des Arts, Miami Plage, Royal Palace, and the Art Deco Buildings while you are on your summer Casablanca tour. If you ever decide to travel to this outstanding place don’t forget to call our travel agency to provide you with the best possible deals on airfare. Call or click today!