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Asia is the home to a large number of celebrated sites that are worth visiting. The list of the top places that are a must visit is topped with the great and majestic The Great Wall of China, in China. Stretching for nearly 4,000 miles, it has been the biggest attraction in China for thousands of years. It is a true wonder of the world and tourists appreciate it further once they are explained the perspective with which it was built.  While you are in China, you must visit the city of Lhasa, in Tibet, one of the most spiritual places on earth. It is the home to the Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Drepung and Sera Monasteries and a must visit for everyone.

While exploring Asia, you would definitely not want to miss the legendary Taj Mahal, in Agra, India. An epic monument that depicts true love was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 1650s as a memorial to Mumtaz Mahal, his most beloved wife. The Taj Mahal immortalizes one man’s love for his wife and the splendor of an era. Tourists from all over the world come to see this beautiful work of architecture dedicated to eternal love. Next thing that you definitely not want to miss are the Floating Markets in Thailand. Termed as the Venice of Asia, this market uses only the water modes of transportation and the most astounding part is that it is the boats which have been transformed into shops.  You would be astonished at the variety of things that you can purchase in this market.

Other must to visit places in Asia are Hoi An-Vietnam, Bakhtapur-Nepal, Luang Parabang-Laos, Angkor Temples-Cambodia, Ko Tao Island, Thailand, Pushkar-India, Hunza Valley-Pakistan, and Everest Base Camp-Tibet. Denver travel agency will make your trip to Asia wonderful with its feature summer Asia tour. Opt for our splendid services through which we give access you to the best flights, the finest restaurants and the most economical vacation packages.